* Indicate Nebraska Breweries


Crafty Sunrise

$5.00--Coconut Rum, tequila, orange, pineapple, grenadine


Legendary Lemonade

$4.50--Pink Whitney vodka, lemonade, strawberry puree


$8.50--Rye Whiskey, sweet vermouth, bitters, cherry

Bloody Mary

$7.50--Vodka, Zing Zang


$7.50--Tequila, dry curacao. fresh lime, fresh orange, simple syrup


Old Fashioned

$8.50--Rye Whiskey, housemade stout syrup, angostura bitters, orange bitters


$7.50--Tequila, elderflower liqueur, grapefruit liqueur, fresh lime

Paper Plane

$7.50--Bourbon, Aperol, amaro nonino, fresh lemon

Southwest Saltdog

$8.00--House-made pineapple jalapeno tequila, fresh lime, agave syrup, salted rim.

Tri-City Stormy

$7.00--Blackstrap rum, house-made ginger syrup, angostura bitters, fresh lime, soda

Orange Moscow Mule

$5.50Deep Eddy Orange Vodka, ginger syrup, soda, bitters, dried orange.


Pineapple Mango Hard Seltzer

12oz, ABV 5.5%, $5.00

Belching Beaver, Oceanside, CA

Truly Punch $4.00

(Ask server for flavors)

Truly Poolside

Assorted flavors



High Noon Vodka Soda $4.00

(Ask Server for flavors)


*Thunderpunch (Grape,Lime) 

12oz, ABV 5.6% $6.00

Thunderhead Brewing, Kearney, NE

*Spicy Grapefruit Cooler

The Great Fire Breather

12oz, $7.00

Sideshow, Lincoln, NE

*Blue Mermaid Pineapple lemonade

12oz, $7.50

Sideshow spirits

Lincoln, NE.

Long Drink, Assorted, Zero, Cranberry, Strong

12oz, $7.50

Long Drink Company Utica, NY


House wine

12.5oz can, Chardonnay, $10.75

Walla Walla, WA

House wine Red

12.5oz, Red blend, $10.75

Walla Walla, WA. 

Italia Roscato Moscato

8.5oz can ABV 7% $8


Italia Roscato Rosso Dolce sweet red

8.5oz can ABV 7%, $8

*Lacrescent Wine

12oz, $12

Mac's Creek Winery, Lexington, NE



16oz, ABV 6.7%, $8

Broken Bat Brewing, Milwaukee, WI.

Beach Ball

Pineapple Milkshake IPA

16oz, ABV 7.2%, $9

Broken Bat Brewing, Milwaukee, WI. 


Ugly Finder

Hazy IPA

16oz, ABV 6%, $8

Broken Bat Brewing, Milwaukee, WI.



16oz, ABV 6.5%, $9

DCR Brewing, Fargo, ND. 


O'Neills Irish Cream Ale

16oz, ABV 4.7%, $7.5

DCR Brewing, Fargo, ND. 

Lemonade Stand

Lemon and Coriander Gose Ale

12oz, ABV 5.0%, $6.00

Keg Creek Brewing, Glenwood, IA

*Fairy Nectar Hazy IPA

12oz, ABV 6.2% $6.50

Kros-Strain Brewing, La Vista, NE

*Cloud Jumper Pale Ale

16 oz, ABV 5.2% $7.50

Pint Nine, La Vista, NE

Pseudo Sue Pale Ale

16oz, ABV 5.8% $7.00

Toppling Goliath, Decora, IA

Kashmir Kush DIPA

12oz, ABV 8.8% $7.50

Keg Creek Brewing, Glenwood, IA

Fresh Haze IPA

12oz, ABV 6.5%, $6

Deschutes Brewing, Bend, OR. 

*False Idol IPA

16oz, ABV 6.7%, $7.5

Pint Nine Brewing, La Vista, NE.

Colossal Claude Imperial IPA

12oz, ABV 8.2%, $6.50

Rogue Brewing, Newport, OR.

Voodoo Ranger IPA

12oz, ABV 7.0%, $4.50

New Belgium, Fort Collins, CO.

Contact Haze IPA

12oz, ABV 6%, $5.50

Elysian brewing Seattle, WA.

Dichotomy Double IPA

16oz, abv 8.1%, $8.50

Belching Beaver brewing


Breaking Bud IPA

16oz, abv 6.5%, $8.75

Knee Deep Brewing Auburn, CA. 


Axe Man IPA

16oz, abv 7.2%, $9.00

Surly brewing, Minneapolis, MN. 


*Crop Duster IPA

12oz, abv 6.5%, $5.00

Thunderhead brewing, Kearney, NE. 


Newport Daze IPA

12oz, abv 5.5%, $6.50

Rogue Brewing, Newport, OR. 

Collab Copter Hazy IPA

12oz, ABV 6%, $5.00

Remedy Brewing Sioux Falls, SD.


*Brickway Coffee Vanilla Stout

12oz ABV 5.2% $5.00

Brickway  Brewery, Omaha, NE


Mochaccino Milkshake Porter

12oz ABV 6% $5.50

Bur Oak Brewery, Colombia, MO

Peanut butter milk stout

12oz, 5.3%, $6.50

Belching Beaver Brewery

Oceanside, CA.


Czech Swing

Czech-Style Pilsner

16oz, ABV 4%, $8

Broken Bat Brewing, Milwaukee, WI.


*High Cotton Cream Ale

12oz, ABV 6.6%, $5

Divots Brewing, Norfolk, NE. 


Pickle PILS

16oz, ABV 5.2%, $7.5

DCR Brewing, Fargo, ND.

*Copper Alt.

Ale/Lager Hybrid

12oz, ABV 5.2%, $5.00

Zipline Brewing, Lincoln, NE

*Old Nebraska Brew

American Lager

12oz, ABV 4.8%, $5.00

Zipline Brewing, Lincoln, NE

Blood of the Unicorn 

Hoppy Red Ale

16oz, ABV 6.5% $7.50

Pipeworks Brewing, Chicago,IL

Shiner Bock

12oz, ABV 4.4%, $4.00

Shiner Beer, Shiner, TX.

Moon Haze

12oz, ABV 5.7%, $4.5

Blue Moon Brewing Denver, CO.

90 Shilling Ale

12oz, abv 5.3%, $5.50

Odell Brewing, Fort Collins, CO.

*Vanilla Bean Blonde

12oz ABV 4.8% $5.00

Infusion Brewing Company, Benson, NE


*EOS Hefeweizen

12oz, ABV 5.2% $5.00

Nebraska Brewing Company, La Vista, NE

*Helles Creek Lager

12oz ABV 4.8% $4.75

Kros Strain Brewing, La Vista, NE

Queen Bee Honey cream ale

12oz, ABV 7.3%, $5.50

Remedy Brewing Sioux Falls, SD

*Cattywampus Adirondack 

12oz, $5.50

Thunderhead brewing Axtell, NE.

Honey Blonde Ale

12oz, ABV 5.5%, $5.5

Belching Beaver Brewery

Oceanside, CA.

*Crafty Dog Lager

12oz, ABV 5% $4.50

Thunderhead Brewing, Kearney, NE


Blue Moon

12oz, $4.00

Juuuust A Wit Outside

Belgian Witbier

16oz, ABV 5%, $8

Broken Bat Brewing, Milwaukee, WI.


Bubba Wheat

Wheat beer

12oz, ABV 4.5%, $5

Bur Oak, Columbia, MO. 

Herd Law wheat ale

12oz, $5.25

*Kinkaider Brewing, Broken Bow, NE

*Golden Frau wheat

12oz, ABV 7.5%, $5

Thunderhead, Kearney, NE. 

Hefty-Weiss Bavarian Hefeweizen

16oz, ABV 6.2%, $7.50

Wild Onion Brewery Lake Barrington, IL


Hazelnut Brown Nectar

12oz, ABV 5.6%, $6.00

Rogue Brewing, Newport, OR.

*Leatherhead Red

12oz, ABV 5.2% $5.00

Thunderhead Brewing, Kearney, NE


*Brunette Nut Brown

12oz. ABV 4.7% $5.00

Nebraska Brewing Company, La Vista, NE

Brick Red Ale

12oz, ABV 5.7% $5.25

Keg Creek Brewing, Glenwood, IA.


Upside Dawn Golden Ale

12oz $5.25

Athletic Brewing, Stratford, CT


Bud Light


Busch Light


Michelob Ultra

Miller Lite


Twisted Tea  $4.75



Strawberry Kettle Sour

16oz, ABV 5.5%, $8

Broken Bat Brewing, Milwaukee, WI.

*The Green Dryad Cucumber Mint Cooler
12oz, $5.50

Sideshow, Lincoln, NE

*Dry Citrus Cider

12oz, ABV 6.5%, $5.00

Saro Cider, Lincoln, NE

Revolver Sour Fruit Ale

With Plum and Raspberry

16oz, ABV 5.1% $9.00

Drumconrath Brewing, Fargo, ND

*Botanical Cider

12oz, ABV 5.4%, $5

Saro Cider, Lincoln, NE. 

*Pineapple Cinnamon Cider

12oz, ABV 5.5%, $6.50

Sideshow, Lincoln, NE 

*James Arthur Curveball (Grand Slam) Cider

12oz ABV 4.5% $5.00

James Arthur Vineyards, Raymond, NE

James Arthur Curveball Double play

12oz, abv 4.5%, $5

Raymond, NE. 

Classic Kickball Sour ALE

12oz, ABV 4%, $6.00

Remedy Brewing Sioux Falls, SD.

* Indicate Nebraska Breweries